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Isn’t it horrific that Hillary Clinton is willing to condone the killing of 10 million Americans in order to secure several dozen thousand dollars for her political campaign?

I just wonder, if we imposed tough legal measures on the tobacco industry, since smoking has killed about 10 million Americans during last quarter-century, and if such measures bankrupted the cigarette manufacturers, which would leave many people jobless, could we hire the same people for the positions that are now being filled up by the illegal immigrants?

Saving the American lives and reducing the illegal immigration is not a bad deal at all. Freeing the federal subsidies to tobacco growers for being used somewhere else would be an extra benefit.

The tough measures imposed upon the tobacco industry would be equal to the measures imposed upon any other business in America--requesting the manufacturers to provide the customers who use their products with the clear instructions how to use a specific product in a safe manner.

It the tobacco industry can’t do it, they should shut down the operations.

We as society can do much better than letting any individual or business profit from the deaths of millions.

At least this kind of behavior has never been construed as a patriotic one.

Expecting the Democratic candidates for President to come up with this simple idea on their own would be too much for their campaigns depend on hefty corporate donations.

Kenan Porobic

Charlotte, NC

Jun 4 2007 - 10:49am

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