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It’s hard to run a country that is still on the verge of sparking its own civil war. East versus West, Russian versus Ukrainian. It has always been a torn country.

Look how hard it is here in the States, red states versus blue states. Both are collapsing governments--ineffective and full of deceit. The true danger lies in mixing all the ingredients into a boiling pot on a high heat setting and then walking away.

My father lived in Lemko. He told me of persecution by the Poles and their clergy against Ukrainians there. Afterwards, they were replaced by the Russians.

My mother lived near Lviv. She recounted her nights of terror when Russian secret police raided their house. Her father was a Ukrainian Catholic priest. He died from a stroke at the hands of the Nazis.

Who’s to blame? Everyone! We’re all capable of killing each other, and we do.

The sadness lies in the absence of Truth.

Those that know hide from their own guilt while accusing others.

Those that were victims show us their pain, we hide from the shame.

The new black is white anyway, devoid of any crying shame. So it seems.

Instead, the Truth of those measures is for future generations to judge, provided we will have taught them how to find it. Are we?

How long did it take for us all to finally believe that there were no WMDs in Iraq?

Still trying to find it…

bohdan yuri

Kennebunk, ME

Feb 18 2010 - 2:56am

Web Letter

This article is a misinformed and an unfairly subjective completely one-sided work. In addition to that, it contains spelling errors and is overall a poor piece of journalism, something you do not expect of what you claim is an oldest publication in the US. The rhetoric of the article reminds me of a Soviet propaganda material and that of the FSB. When you attempt to write articles in the future, please consider extending your research beyond the Great Soviet Encyclopedia and the Russian Gazprom-controlled media. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I greatly enjoyed your article and had my share of laughs--at your expense, of course.

I wish you success in your journalistic endeavors!

Andrew Lahush

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Feb 16 2010 - 12:20pm

Web Letter

In February 2008, Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) archive representative Oleksander Ishchuk showed declassified documents that provide an objective basis to state that OUN (the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists) is not connected with any violent actions against the civilian population of L'viv on or after July 4, 1941.

The declassified documents of SBU indicate that from July 4-7, 1941, representatives of the Gestapo who arrived in L'viv turned to the Ukrainian population, inciting them to carry out an anti-Jewish pogrom. "The OUN leadership, having got to know about that, informed its members that it was a German provocation in order to compromise Ukrainians with massacres," the document reads.

Prior to the German invasion, the Soviet NKVD, in which Jews had a disproportionate membership, was involved in the killing of 4,000 to 8,000 civilian prisoners--a fact the Nazis hoped would provoke Ukrainian retaliation.

Furthermore, while various Jewish groups also attempted to pin the L'viv Massacres on Ukrainians, especially Roman Shukhevych, leader of the Nachtigall battalion and later the anti-Nazi, anti-Soviet Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), the head of the Association of Jewish Communities and Organizations of Ukraine, Vaad Yosyp Zisels, asked the Israeli Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem for documentary evidence to prove that claim and was unable to obtain it.

The Soviet investigation into the killing of L'viv's Jews identified the "forty-two butchers of L'viv" responsible for the slaughter of the Jewish innocents in July of 1941. That list, compiled immediately after the Second World War and submitted to the Nuremberg military tribunals for prosecution, does not contain a single member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.

If Stepan Bandera was even guilty of half the crimes of which Moscow and its ilk accuse him, then he would have been swinging from the gallows at Nuremberg sixty-five years ago.

How strange it is that this author so blindly ignores the wholesale Polish butchery of Ukrainian Lemkos and the massive destruction of their ancient churces, both Catholic and Orthodox (aided and abetted in this by their own Polish clergy) as described by the victims themselves in these documents: "Ad maiorem poloniae gloriam," and "Polish Atrocities in Ukraine."

Further analysis leads one to look up the Moment article about MAUP University. In it it clearly points a finger at Russian backing and possibly control of the MAUP and its anti-Semitic policies. The Russian FSB Security Service is known to continue the Soviet policy of trying to discredit Ukrainians by using the false claims of anti-Semitism, etc.

Thankfully, the declassified KGB documents in Ukraine counter all of these anti-Ukrainian propaganda efforts if one looks beyond Wiki as a reference source.

Toshu Trinity

Berlin, MD

Feb 15 2010 - 6:01pm

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