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National Health Insurance is a defining issue for me in the coming election, as it was in the primary. I do believe that because most Dem. candidates are more afraid of "Harry and Louise" than they are of Osama bin Laden, the only way we will ever get to NHI is if all the people who want it make it very clear to the candidates that they will NOT vote for anyone who does not propose, promote and support it. And then we must follow through.

It would, I believe, take only one cycle in which this message would be clearly given to take us there - the public is ready for it. The wallets of the insurance companies are too full of campaign dollars to expect a candidate to support it once (s)he gets elected if (s)he doesn't support it now. This is the time, not for mere cajoling nor even pressuring, but for drawing a line in the sand, now, before we flat-line ourselves .

S. Hammond

North Syracuse, NY

Mar 28 2008 - 1:07pm

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