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Scott Sherman's story refers to Bloomberg a couple of times. Bloomberg has only been around for about twenty years. Reuters wasn't a force in financial journalism in the US. Dow Jones as a corporation failed to make the transition to the modern world, serving up data and later news to a growing market, and it weakened the company. I think that's why the Journal ended up in Murdoch's hands.

Bill Mintz

Houston, TX

May 7 2009 - 8:20pm

Web Letter

The Wall Street Journal is part of the Murdoch hate-speech machine and a continuation of Fox News. I simply can not view it as anything else. The continued anti-President Obama rhetoric is astounding. The differences are not political or idealogical; they are beyond that. They are more sinister than that. Murdoch's disgust and disrespect is directed toward the man--it is personal. My logic is this: Murdoch's sense of social responsibility is represented by the type of programming he allows on Fox News. It is dominated by hate speech, racial insensitivity and fear-mongering. Changing the medium won't change the message: it still will be hateful.

Elaine Balog

Palm Spriings, CA

Apr 29 2009 - 12:00am

Web Letter

This morning I caught your headline "Has the 'Journal' Lost Its Soul?" This afternoon I caught this headline on the Huffington Post: "Wall Street Journal Only Top 25 Newspaper To Report Circulation Increase."

Ergo…? To succeed, newspapers must sell their souls to the devil? Seems to me worthy of reflection and discussion.

Wayne Dickson

DeLand, FL

Apr 27 2009 - 3:37pm