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Voting for George McGovern was my first presidential vote. Maybe I am even a little smug to say: "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for McGovern" (wish I had a bumper sticker saying that). But I feel justified. Nixon's legacy still haunts us as Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld started their careers of war profiteering after McGovern was unjustly slandered by a mostly conservative Press for being too "liberal" and "leftest."

I recently read a piece in a conservative/libertarian journal that even praised McGovern for his true conservatism of American ideals and patriotism and for once even a probable Nixon-voter had a thoughtful reappraisal of McGovern's true blue steadfastness, which to me seemed to be a wistful testimonial to the possibilities of a better America than our polarized nation of today. If only more Americans had seen the light in '72?

David Pell

Hinesburg, VT

Oct 14 2007 - 1:40am

Web Letter

I concur: Happy birthday, George!

Dispite my father's pledge to vote for Nixon, I campained for him in '72 as well. I was a wee 8-year-old. I still remember the walking door to door in my hometown of Laurelton, NY. Giving out buttons and telling our neighbors to go out and vote for change. Stop the war. A peacenik then and now.

Happy birthday, George, and hope you have many healthy and happy years ahead.

Nina Jochnowitz

Old Bridge, NJ

Jul 13 2007 - 12:18pm

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