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Mr. Hedges, Many of us share your frustration but your article is not helpful.

I could follow the argument for the strategic folly of attacking Iran.

I could not follow the argument (or assumption) of the "illegalities" committed by this Administration.

But presuming that our government is illegitimate, is a tax gesture the extent of your patriotism? Why not armed rebellion?

David Fischer

Sacramento, CA

Nov 22 2007 - 12:39am

Web Letter

Well, go ahead and refuse to pay your taxes. How many of us do you think will care if you go to jail and become Bubba's bitch? Hahaha. And explain to me why we would bring all our troops home and then in a couple of years ship them back to go to war with Iran? Since they are already overseas, why not fight now? I think you are a coward, and will hide your sons, while the rest of us send ours to fight!

Yuo should be ashamed and your children should be ashamed fo you! Fight now, or die later.

Bill Nigh

Riverside, CA

Nov 21 2007 - 2:55pm

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