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Why even bother printing such stories, no one pays any attention to them.

Their truths dissipate with the blow hearted winds of apathy and deceit.

Not until that one courageous reporter at President Bush’s next news conference steps up and actually calls Bush either a liar, or his presidency a sham, will there be any change. So far, none has truly questioned Bush’s intentional lies and deceit --- and called them as such.

Instead, this generation of news media lacks the courage to convict our emperor on his crimesto his face; crimes which have mangled the sinews of our planet’s collective soul.

And unfortunately, not only in the media but in our government as well --- we lack truly Great Leaders in our time and, as yet, beyond who can mend and rejuvenate the intended soul of our country.

How sad, that we have had to live in an era that has seen such atrocities to the office of the Presidency, and the rule of law.

Sad, because so many have died --- as we have made it so.

Bohdan Yuri

kennebunk, maine

Apr 3 2008 - 8:39pm

Web Letter

The likelihood of any Cheney/Bush administration official, much less the top two, ever being indicted for Gitmo crimes is nil.

Presidential pardons, lest we forget, are a Bush family tradition, as American as amnesia.

R.H. Weber

Geneva, Switzerland

Apr 3 2008 - 3:23pm

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