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The entire viewpoint of the article appears to depend on some sort of failure and breakdown in the Iraq project to spark debate. Recent developments "on the ground" show a much greater chance of a successful ending to it. Iraq may not even be the biggest single issue for next year, what with illegal immigration coming up fast.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Nov 3 2007 - 2:37am

Web Letter

The Washington elite know quite well what is the public frame is onforeign afffairs. The Zogby International survey shows 52 percent ofAmericans would support a strike on Iran, and this number is going up.All the major candidates are dancing to the War Party's tune as played bythe Main Stream Media, financed by the defense contractors anddanced to by House and Senate members immersed in the patronage oflocal defense contractor jobs and military bases.

The top three Democrats all want more military spending, a biggerforce and say 2013 would be a good year to leave Iraq. Have any ofthe leading Democrats condemned the three aircraft carriers inthe Persian Gulf, denounced the lies about Iranian arms,renounced the blatant lie about Ahmenedinejad's threat to Israel,questioned the expansion of NATO despite promises to Russia wewouldn't, talked about the new radar station and missiles inRussia's back yard or mentioned our employ of the terrorist groupthe MEK for sabotage in Iran?

The Hegemon and the Empire are one in the same. They exist for theneoliberal economics that swell the pockets of the multinationalcorporations through the IMF and the World Bank, who legalize thetheft of said countries' natural resources.

The military is only one arm of the Empire. The BritishEmpire subsidized the East India Company and others byfirst reasoning with foreign powers, as do the IMF and WorldBank today; they would resort to military action only whenall else failed, as we have done throughout Latin Americaand the rest of the world.

Have any of the leading Democrats denounced these freetrade deals that only serve the multinationals, to thedetriment of both countries and both peoples? Have any ofthe leading Democrats questioned the WTO? Hegemon orEmpire, it's all about the multinationals, the rest is themeans to an end.

Try reading Confessions of an Economic Hitman becausethe finance ministers in most other countries already have.They are wise to us. That's why there is "DisasterCapitalism" for those that would resist or are just unluckyenough to get hit by a hurricane or an earthquake.

The War Party and its clients the Miilitary IndustrialCongressional Complex and the multinationals own us,lock, stock and barrel. There is no debate, at least not yet.

Michael McKinlay

Hercules, CA

Nov 2 2007 - 3:11am