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Congratulations to Mr. Ames, for this excellent article. I was particularly struck by the investment bankers' conference call being substantiated by, of all people, a J.P. Morgan rep. Morgan, as you may or may not recall, was the force behind a small affray you may have heard of--the First World War. According to the Nyle report (or Nile or Niel--whichever spelling leads to its being most difficult to dig up). These hearings were conducted in the 1930s, and have required the most amazing perception-managment over many decades to distort and bury.

I would really like to learn more about this banker-first model, as the essential point about WWI was, to my mind, that no one planned it. But bankers and industrialists prospered exeedingly for over twenty years by starting rumors, leaking proposed weapon details... till one warm day a spark hit the pile they had so lovingly built up.

Scary? Damn right it is--as well as a similar buildup for the profits of "consolidated kewpie doll and cluster bomb international" (and their teachers pension plan shareholders), we are faced with several drug- and Christianity-addled nutbars who expect to immunize themselves from war crime tribunals by becoming "commander in chief"s for the duration of conveniently timed unending wars. And why not--with the worse-than-useless swamp Germans of the Hague in charge, Göbbels himself could have expected to get off "on religious grounds"!

So more banker ties to the inbred hill bandits of Georgia, please.

Todd Millions

Eastend, Saskatchewan, Canada

Sep 3 2008 - 4:53pm

Web Letter

Mr. Ames and The Nation are sorely misguided. Mr. Putin (a modern-day Hitler) is pure KGB and evil. He has supported terrorism, aggression and genocide around the world for years. He would be quite happy if Iran obtains nuclear weapons and attacks the West. He has made it his vendetta to bring all of the breakaway countries around Russia back into the fold and restore the old Soviet Union. He has employed repression and coercion to reach his goal. Now he is testing the West (as did Hitler) to see if he can achieve his goal militarily. Democracy in Russia is a sham. Wake up, Mr. Ames! Wake up, America! Understand that evil cannot be appeased. We need to chill relations with Russia, we should stop investing in Russia and we should employ a tourist boycott of Russia.

Stuart Wald

Denver, CO

Aug 12 2008 - 3:29pm

Web Letter

Ames, you sound like a gutless queer. But I'm certain you are proud. Let's face it, if our country was run by people like you, the whole world would think the United States of America, was full of nothing but gutless queers whom lack the will to fight for anything that they did not think they would have the oppotunity to demoralize.

Jimmy D. Rhodes

Odessa, TX

Aug 12 2008 - 12:51pm

Web Letter

Ames's article is right on. McCain would not be a good leader because he jumps to aggression too easily. As we have seen in the Russo-Georgian case, it is very easy to start hostilities.

Despite the fact that Georgia sent its troops to Iraq and is licking our butt, the US government should have condemned the open military actions against Ossetia. We are too obsessed here with oil problems to recognize that Russia retaliated against Georgia's military actions in Ossetia because it cared about people's suffering. Let's not forget, South Ossetia has always been independent, more or less, despite the fact that it is located inside Georgia. It has a distinct culture and nationality. And it was Georgia that would treat Ossetians as foreigners and prohibit them from holding their national holidays. Remember Tibet? What's different in China? In Tibet those monks are actually attacking Chinese civilians in retaliation against the Chinese government. The South Ossetians did the same. If the Chinese government had launched a full-fledged military operation against Tibet like Georgia did inside Ossetia to bring in "constitutional order," what would our Bush say? Human rights activists would be all over this. Chinese Olympics would be abandoned. And in the Georgian case, what do we do? Call Russia to leave Georgia alone.

So, people, it is time to recognize that our government has double standards. What a bunch of hypocrites. Edwards, Spitzer, the list goes on and on.

When elections are here, I will vote for Obama. He may be an idiot, but he is harmless. McCain may have all the knowledge in the world, but the guy is crazy and dangerous! Who would blame him after his horrible experiences in Vietnam? He suffered permanent psychological damage while he was held captive and cannot stay cool in touchy situations. And people, rest assured, in this world we will have plenty of those in the days to come. Vote for Obama! Vote for world stability. Vote against world war.

Sonia Gonzalez

New York, NY

Aug 12 2008 - 11:17am

Web Letter

The Nation is being as biased as the neocons here regarding Georgia's attack on Russia. Yes, Georgia attacked Russian peacekeepers and civilians first and are the real aggressor here. Of course McCain is insane on this issue, but Obama has said nothing different from George Bush, joining the mad chorus in condemnation of Russia.

What is scary about Obama is that he is far better connected than anyone else to the real architect of this war strategy against Russia and China, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski is the real dean of Obama advisers, who runs the show from afar. An example of this is Obama's call for the bombing of Pakistan, a pure Brzezinski move, now being advocated by the Brzezinski-dominated "Principles Committee" under Robert Gates.

This attack on Russia by Georgia is part of Brzezinski's war strategy to destroy Russia, to carve it into four pieces, as noted by Putin. Besides Brzezinski, this attack on Russia is abetted by Obama moneybag George Soros. It is the same George Soros whose "Open Society" funded the Georgian "Rose Revolution," just as it funds Obama's postmodern coup against the Democratic Party and the United States.

Is it not ironic that the Soros/Obama/Dean/Brazille mutineers want nothing to do with an open convention in Denver! If The Nation really cares about stopping this war and McCain, then it will be calling on an open convention, not a coronation of Obama in Denver. That is progressive and Democratic.

Obama is no progressive other than in image. Certainly not about the economy, where he will do a good job of pushing Wall Street's fix. On the war, look for more war, and troops in Pakistan and Africa, while he expands the FISA powers he already voted for, and continues an aggressive policy towards Russia that has been prepared for whomever becomes President.

This is why real reporting of the facts is important. The Nation should be leading the charge for an open convention, demanding that Hillary Clinton's name be placed in nomination.

The reason The Nation must do this is because Obama will lose against John McCain. There are millions of Clinton supporters, the PUMA and Just Say No Deal people who will not vote for Obama because of what he has done to democracy within the Democratic Party. This is just part of it. The Republican 527s are just waiting for after the Democratic Convention to start to attack Obama, and there is a lot to attack him on.

I hope The Nation wakes up.

Bruce Marshall

Rochester, VT

Aug 11 2008 - 6:30pm

Web Letter

For whatever other faults he may have or errors he may commit, I read online that President Sakashvili was democratically elected. That doesn't sound like a Pinochet wannabe to me. So was he democratically elected or not?

John Molina

Chula Vista, CA

Aug 11 2008 - 2:48pm

Web Letter

Re "[A] taste of what to expect from McCain"

Who is the reader that Mark Ames believes would benefit from a telling of the horrors (physical, legal, financial) that could befall him if his nation goes to war, and whether the war is a luxury, as the Iraq war is, or if it's a necessity, as US participation in WWII was? And speaking of WWII: Is Ames suggesting that we should've pulled out if we saw that it could last a few (or even 100) years longer than we'd thought it would?

I don't know that Dem members of Congress are neocons, but I do know that the futures of a lot of them depend upon their continuing to appear heroic in spite of the fact that they were snookered by Bush into voting for his war.

For all that Congressional Dems have done to end the war and to spare the lives of our soldiers, they might as well be given credit, as Bush is, for having manufactured it. It's a lot like the logic that allowed Bush to ascend to the status of "war President" without anyone's acknowledging that he was also the person in charge when the terrorists got through 250 years' worth of our defenses.

John McCain could use some new advisers. But no matter which candidate becomes President, this truth about McCain will remain with us: If Barack Obama had ever wanted to end the Iraq war, nothing could've stopped him from ending that war or from dying trying.

Cameron Jones

Indiana, PA

Aug 10 2008 - 2:23pm

Web Letter

Mark Ames has to be the most naïve son of a bitch around if he thinks Russian hostility towards Georgia results from "images of dead peacekeepers." Where is any discussion of recent "peacekeeper" provocations, as well as longer-standing Russian hostility toward Georgia (with its democratic and NATO aspirations), not to mention its strategic position re world energy supplies? I guess that's a little much to expect from Ames; I'm rather surprised, though, that an ostensibly progressive journal would publish such narcissistic crap.

Gordon Sullivan

Moscow, Russia

Aug 10 2008 - 6:05am

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