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Several people have compared what Israel is supposedly doing to Gazans (which they have brought upon themselves by making war) with the situation of Jews in the Holocaust.

Whatever your views on the situation, this comparison is vile and disturbing. While Gazans of course are affected by the situation (again, which they brought upon themselves by violently trying to destroy Israel and murder Jews), in no way are they faced with extermination. The population of Gaza gows larger each year. Food, water, medical and building supplies are regularly let in. People are regularly allowed to travel to Israel and other places for medial and educational reasons. (One of those, a woman who was being treated free of charge at an Israeli hospital for burns inflicted by her husband, recently attempted to murder her medical team and other patients with a bomb.)

Gaza has no death camps or gas chambers. There is no starvation and people have medical care. They could have much more if they were interested in peace, but they are not.

Equating Gaza's situation with the Holocaust, either direct or via implication by saying "Israelis should know better" is a desecration of every soul who was brutally murdered. It is anti-Semitic (see European Union's definition of anti-Semitism) and disgusting. Those who stoop to such a level should be ashamed of themselves.

I haven't heard any response from the supporters of Gazan terror to the mother who posted about her fear for her children as they sat in bomb shelters. What about her safety? Or do Jewish lives not matter?

Tracey Kaplan

Stoneham, MA

Jan 4 2010 - 5:21pm

Web Letter

While I can appreciate the author's attempt to convey sympathy to those she knows and cares for, I can't help but feel her sympathy is a little one-sided. What about her sympathy for my family, and my children?

What would she have us do?

Right now I sit here in Haifa, Israel, grateful that the border is controlled so rigorously. I moved here in 2006, just two weeks before the bombing of Haifa started. The terror of hiding in a bomb shelter, feeling the bombs crash around you is horrible. Especially when holding your newborn baby in your arms at the same time.

This wasn't Israel's doing. This was a terrorist organization deciding my family and others had no right to live, simply because of our race and religious beliefs. To sit back now and condemn Israel for taking every precaution necessary so that another war doesn't repeat is not a little bit insulting. Those blockades are there to keep the terrorists out, and even then, they are still constantly finding tunnels dug under the desert, and used to move weapons into Israel. And there are still, daily, bombs being launched into Israel. Why isn't that being condemned!?

No one wants innocent people to get hurt, but why aren't you writing about the violence of Hamas? Why aren't they taking any of the blame you are dishing out? Aren't the Jewish families worthy of your bleeding heart?

I for one would love to not have to worry about our neighboring government wanting our death and destruction. I for one would love to see peace, and to be able to vacation in Gaza (such beautiful beaches). Until that day though, I for one am happy that Israel will do whatever it takes to keep my family safe and sound.

Autumn Lilly-Harari

Haifa, Israel

Dec 22 2009 - 12:16pm

Web Letter

Thank you for publishing Nancy Murray's poignant article on Gaza. I too have been to Gaza, and continue to be amazed that the world can sit by and watch Israel execute this suffocation of an entire people.

One would think that the Holocaust would have made Israelis sensitive to this kind of illegal collective punishment, but apparently it has not. We as Americans share responsibility, as we financially make the atrocity of the continuing siege of Gaza possible. One would hope that a year after the Israel's brutal assault on Gaza, pressure from caring people would have forced Israel to end the siege, but their answer instead is to make things worse by building a subterranean wall to close the tunnels that have been the only access into Gaza for food, medicine and other needed supplies.

And now we read that those who are gathering from all over the world hoping to enter Gaza on New Year's Eve will be be prevented from doing so.

We need to continue to build pressure to hold both Israel and the United States accountable for the inhumanity they perpetrate on the people of Gaza.

John Roberts

Cambridge, MA

Dec 21 2009 - 5:22pm

Web Letter

This is an important and terrible story. Thank you.

Kevin Moloney

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dec 21 2009 - 5:15pm

Web Letter

Thank you for publishing this article. Dr. Murray has a long relationship with Gaza and writes with both knowledge and compassion. Her reporting is accurate, We hope that her descriptions of Gaza will receive even wider publication.

Homer Franck

Auburndale, MA

Dec 21 2009 - 5:14pm

Web Letter

Thank you for running this powerful op-ed by Nancy Murray, president of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation. Too many media sources are giving a false picture of the reality there. Americans need to know what our tax dollars are doing.

Georgia Kingsley Guida

Brooklyn, NY

Dec 21 2009 - 5:13pm

Web Letter

Thank you for having the courage and principle to publish Nancy Murray's opinion piece about the disastrous humanitarian conditions being inflicted on the population of Gaza, including its children. And thank you for publishing her comments and information about the Gaza Freedom March in December. It is time for Americans to wake up to the crimes being committed with our political and military support and our money.

Majed Tomeh

Bedford, MA

Dec 21 2009 - 5:12pm

Web Letter

Thank you for printing Nancy Murray's moving editorial on Gaza. I traveled to Gaza this summer with CODEPINK and witnessed what she describes--the amazing fortitude and hopefullness of the people of Gaza in the face of incomprehensible injustice. I will be going on the Gaza Freedom March because I am compelled to stand in solidarity with the people I met there, but most of all because as a US taxpayer I am directly responsible for their plight. Every single bomb that has fallen on Gaza, every bulldozer that has destroyed a house, every bullet shot by soldiers at civilians has been made possible by the financial support of my government. The blockade against Gaza is enforced by Egypt and Israel with the support of our country. Three generations of my family will participate in the march. We are asking our other relatives and friends, and <i>The Nation</i>'s readers, to join the solidarity actions that will be held in US cities on New Year's Eve.

Athena Viscusi

Washington, DC

Dec 21 2009 - 5:12pm

Web Letter

Thanks very much for publishing Nancy Murray's eloquent and concise description of and plea for Gaza. Let's hope the march on Gaza is well attended and draws some international attention. Certainly the Obama administration is doing nothing but perpetuating the status quo.

Ellen Cantarow

Medford, MA

Dec 21 2009 - 5:10pm

Web Letter

Thank you for running this article. It is refreshing to see more balanced coverage in the US media of the situation in Gaza, coverage which is still too rare.

Julie Bourns

Washington, DC

Dec 21 2009 - 5:10pm