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I can understand being highly sensitised to having your votes counted, but it seems as though those who are extremely angry about this need to get a little perspective. In the big picture, the crimes are not even remotely comparable. The Republicans have stolen elections with the help of power players in high places, while the Democrats attempted to create a solution to a problem they did not create, and did so in a way that seemed to be as fair as possible, given the circumstances and time frames.

Also, I think that whiny Democrats with no backbone to fight for what really matters should just become Republicans so they don't have to worry about it. There is nothing worse than working hard for a good cause with a group of people who do not fully believe that they are winners. Buck up, Florida Dems, we need you to have more self-esteem than that.

It doesn't have anything to do with the issues. It has everything to do with hurt egos and taking things personally. We should be able to get past it. We seem to have more tolerance for the Bushes of the world than we do for those actually working toward worthy goals. It shouldn't be so.

Alice Jennings

Atlanta, GA

Jan 30 2008 - 11:09pm

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If the Florida Democrats are so childish and perfidious as to consider switching parties and, worse, voting for Giuliani, then they deserve the government they will get by doing so. I admit, the Democrats accomplish some monumentally stupid things on a regular basis, but to get so bent out of shape by this perceived snub is ludicrous.

Scott M. Polk

Austin, TX

Dec 12 2007 - 5:03pm

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The so-called Democratic Party leaders in both Florida and Michigan are victims of self-inflicted wounds. For me, not having my vote count in this process is a small and comfortable price to pay to have this outrageous display of hubris punished. I will use the other tools at my disposal to support the candidate of my choice. Three cheers for the DNC for displaying some backbone.

Michael S. Whitehead

Ann Arbor, MI

Dec 5 2007 - 6:50pm

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Ken Quinnell of the Florida Progressive Coalition, who was in attendance at the convention discussed, has posted a long rebuttal of this article. The gist of it is that this is a reporter who had already determined the story he would write and went looking for support rather than giving a realistic view of what went on. Narrative beats truth any day, as Karl Rove and the Republicans have shown. It's disappointing to see this in The Nation.

Michael Murphree

Tallahassee, FL

Dec 4 2007 - 10:48am

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Actually, I think it gives Florida Democrats an opportunity to act independently, and support candidates that would most appeal to Florida Voters. I would recommend all States follow Florida's example.

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Dec 1 2007 - 1:26pm

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What is wrong with the Democratic Party? Not only is the presidential election theirs to lose, but with Republican retirements in Congress they might also gain House and Senate seats. Yet they seem determined to shoot themselves in the foot.

We have a situation similar to Florida's here in Michigan. Both states have large numbers of electoral college votes, and Democratic voters in both places are being purposely alienated by this power struggle.

To be fair, neither of these states needs an earlier primary to be important, their electoral votes should do that. But for the disagreement to turn into childish bickering will only leave the worst of tastes in the mouths of voters.

And while the DNC may think that they have this election sewn up, they should not underestimate their own ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. To lose this presidential election might be the end of the Democratic Party as a serious force.

Alexi Koltowicz

Marquette, MI

Dec 1 2007 - 10:22am

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Not Ready for Prime Time! The Democrats' mistake is colossal: They're telling Florida to "Drop Dead!"

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Nov 30 2007 - 1:49am

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