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I find the idea of people thinking of themselves as "victims" of "bankers" tiring. I've lost money during this financial meltdown on investments that were unwise. I've remained constant with ones that were. My wife and I always bought homes where there was not an adjustable rate mortgage and where the PITI was far, far below what we could afford.

I'm sure there were some criminal dealings. But by and large, people got themselves into messes because of their own failings. I do not want to see government "bailouts" of people who were unwise, paid for those, like me, who were.

Almost everybody is losing investments these days. Who has the right to decide which of those folks the government should help and which should be left to fend on their own? If it's everybody, where do I send the bill?

Dan Graybill

Langley , WA

Jan 24 2009 - 4:33pm

Web Letter

How about a Sheila Bair-type idea? Bail out, immediately, all who are unemployed with either a freeze on foreclosures, or funds directly to homeowners to pay mortgages. States already have the bureaucracy in the unemployment offices to administer such a program. Take back some of the 350 billion given to Chinese banks.


Caribou, ME

Jan 23 2009 - 7:46pm