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Gentlemen, it is time to start promoting a 20 Million Man/Woman March on DC. May I suggest this Labor Day? The ruling class needs to be placed on formal notice that it has failed us, grievously.

Paul B. Evans

San Diego , CA

Jun 24 2009 - 11:40pm

Web Letter

I am curious, you do understand that things would have been much worse without any intervention--right? I would rather not have to bail out bankers, but I do like the fact that I can go to my bank and find it open. The fact is many cannot afford the homes they are in, so any government intervention to prevent foreclosures will not be short-term. And you also understand that there is historical consistency to the fact that government-run economies do not work long-term?

And for the love of Pete, give Clinton a break, the man presided over unemployment of 4.7 percent and left the federal government with a surplus--so he must have done something right with the economy.

Free markets have their share of problems, but no one has come up with a better way to keep our worse instincts in check.

Regarding California, why should Obama bail out a state stupid enough to create a situation where taxes cannot be raised without intervention from Christ and the twelve apostles? This is why they cannot get a loan, there is very little chance of taxes being raised in the future to pay it back. This is Republican short-sightedness at its finest.

Obama is quite correct in looking at the deficit and not mortgaging the future.

Joy Cassell

Orlando , FL

Jun 24 2009 - 8:19pm

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