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I thought to myself while reading Barry Schwabsky's article on Jack Tworkov, "This is an excellent article." And I thought the same thing as I finished it, 'What an excellent article." In the next instant, though, it hit me there wasn't a single word about the work. What is the quality of Tworkov? I mean that in every sense. Tworkov was always in the right place, he was always respected, did his paintings add anything to the equation? Bradley Walker Tomlin was there too, and his pictures didn't. I think it was in 1978 that I saw some Minimalist paintings by Tworkov--solid grey and some linear geometry. It's hard to get emotional about the unemotional, but they seemed more personal than his wavy abstract expressionism. Barry Schwabsky's views on Tworkov's artistic strength or lack of it would be interesting.

John Spike

Florence, Italy

Oct 3 2009 - 1:40am