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It's not just the thesis he wrote eight years ago; there is no evidence that Bob McDonnell has given up the religious-right positions that he sharpened at Pat Robertson's Regent University.

Do you know who runs Regent? Pat Robertson is both president and chancellor--it's his school. Do you know who uses that university to produce young, attractive religious right-wingers like McDonnell, since he couldn't get elected himself? Pat Robertson. Do you think Pat Robertson is an "ordinary educator" who promotes America's Four Freedoms? If you say yes, are you ready to buy land in Virginia's Dismal Swamp?

Pat Robertson believes he is called by God to run America, and he's now seeking to fulfill that mission through surrogates like Bob McDonnell.

Many of America's founding documents were written in large part by Virginians--Jefferson, Madison and Mason spring to mind--but rest assured that Pat Robertson is a different kind of Virginian, one who opposes the main tenets of all of these documents, especially those having to do with freedom from religious control of our government.

Some see Pat Robertson as having an "Ayatollah complex," combining religion and politics in his view of what's best for America. That view is based on Pat's religion and Pat's politics, of course.

McDonnell is a product of Pat's system, and you will never hear him deny that. Perhaps he subscribes to the thesis, "Touch not my beloved," meaning here that Pat is anointed by God, and woe be to anyone who disagrees with him. That view is widely believed at Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network--and at his Regent University.

Thus the question is not about a thesis McDonnell wrote years ago, it's about his right-wing thesis for Virginia today, supported and reinforced by Pat Robertson. We'd better all do our homework. And let us remember the advocacy of pluralism from a non-Virginian, All-American founder, Ben Franklin: "In a world that was then [as, alas, it still is now] bloodied by those who seek to impose theocracies, he [Ben Franklin] helped to create a new type of nation that could draw strength from its religious pluralism" (Walter Isaacson in Ben Franklin: An American Life).

I offer these words in the spirit of the reason of Jefferson and the pluralism of Franklin.

Gerald Cooper

Norfolk, VA

Nov 3 2009 - 5:53pm

Web Letter

The population influx especially in the ethnic Asian community, contrary to the traditional campaign handbook, has benefited Bob Mcdonnell.

Bob McDonnell took the unprecedented initiative to Asian-American outreach from day one with dedicated professional staff, time and resources. He is frequently featured in Chinese and Vietnamese language media, and some in Korean. In fact, many full-page news coverage in the Chinese and Vietnamese languages have been dedicated to his governor's race. McDonnell's name ID is very high among Asians in Virginia.

Here are some examples, on YouTube, Picasa Web Albums and acnewsonline.com.

McDonnell's ability to communicate to Asians through native Asian language media, and personally engage the community by attending events, community celebrations frequently from day one is the kind of model Republican candidates should take notice and learn from.

His opponent took minority votes for granted, a page right out of the campaign handbook that says minorities always vote for Democrats. Not this time.

Binh He

Arlington, VA

Oct 24 2009 - 11:03pm

Web Letter

Several times, within this qarticle, the accusation is made that McDonell is "misleading" or "obfuscating" the voters.However, no information is given to show this or back it up.

Every candidate will stress the more popular points in his platform. You have shown nothing but normal practice for every political candidate, in any party.

I suspect that part of the author's angst is due to his getting more popular support with positions that she doesn't agree with, and an unwiullingness to believe that those issues could be winners.

John D. Froelich

Upper Darby, PA

Oct 23 2009 - 3:12pm

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