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Mr. Moser's article assumes that Texans view the world through the same prism as the Democrat elite and their acolytes in the national media.

Texans reject the Euro-style social democrat ideology that manifests in the Democratic party. This is why the state went GOP over the course of over two decades. Texans do not desire to see their state become a place like California or New York with a distant and disconected state government that can't control range fires and rebuild the World Trade Center yet continues to gobble up taxes and spend on the vocal and well-connected special interests. No wonder Texas is a leading state in job growth and prosperity in the face of a national economic slow down. And it's not limited to the energy industry.

In Dallas County, the Democratic office holders are viewed as a joke. We heve a Democrat Sheriff who required several tries to pass her Texas peace officer certification exam. The Dallas County jail is on the verge of federal take-over because it can't meet standards. The 2006-elected Democrat District Attorney has been shaking down local business people to support a party for his employees, while his staff have been wrecking county vehicles. He failed to pay his state bar dues. Republicans will be returned to power in Dallas because Texans do not want to see Dallas turn into Detroit.

It is accepted by informed observers that the Democratic primary numbers were inflated by GOP voters influencing the Democrats' nominating process. The well-documented fiasco in the party caucuses gives pause to anyone thinking of voting Democratic in the upcoming Texas general election.

Simply put, the Democrats are out of touch with the values of Texans. Where they offer division, class/racial resentment and special-interest-driven agendas, Republicans offer a program of personal responsibility and accountablity that resonates with Texas values.

B. Marks

Richardson, TX

Jul 7 2008 - 5:15am