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"51% Want Impeachment : Zogby Poll." This fictional screaming headline, if it were to come true, could be the turning point for the impeachment movement. Elizabeth Holzman's article makes a compelling case for impeachment. We need more than expensive ads and inspirational writing. Whether or not he is convicted, Bush would be so weakened that he wouldn't be able to do any more harm.

But we dont know what percentage want impeachment because there has been no mainstream impeachment poll for 6 months. A poll last November showed 50 percent wanted impeachment. A couple of weeks earlier another poll came up with 30 percent. Since Pelosi took impeachment "off the table" no mainstream news organization has seen fit to sponsor an impeachment poll. Even if the number was more like 40 percent (as in the case of a recent poll done by an obscure conservative website that the MSM never covered) it would show how much Bush is detested by two of every five people. And if the number should come in the 50-60 percent range it could give the Democrats cover for actually starting impeachment proceedings.

I talked today with Zogby's communications director and he told me that they were considering doing an impeachment poll but didn't know when they might get around to it. Then, not so subtly, he made it known that the skids could be greased by $5000. This could be the best $5,000 any of us will ever spend.

Do everythihg you can to put pressure on the media that normally sponsor impeachment polls. Impeachment of Cheney would of course be necessary also, but even if he is not convicted, a majority wanting Bush out of office would slow him down a lot. Nixon did nothing except defend himself during his last year in office. The same would be true of Bush.

This letter is to get people who want impeachment behind the Impeachment Poll movement. If anyone feels that he or she can put up a thousand or more, please call so that we can get acquainted to prove I am not a scam artist. This is a serious matter, and I hope that some of you can contribute some serious money to a cause that could hardly be better.

Dean DeHarpporte

Eden Prairie, MN

May 25 2007 - 9:27pm

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