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And how come Christpher Hayes has not paid any attention to other "Out-of-the-Box" solutions to the climate problem that may reconcile the two sides to the controversy and reduce the hostility between the right and the left? I have just written a small book, Al-Battani Shield--Counteracting Global Warming: A New Approach, in which I explain the climate phenomenon in ways many people have not been aware of and suggest a space engineering solution that will address the concerns of Al Gore and company on one hand and be palatable to those who think the issue of global warming is a Trojan horse for "one-worlders" on the other. Those who claim to be open-minded about the subject and not doctrinaire need to examine the book and the position advanced by the author.

Inayatullah Ibrahim Lalani

Benbrook, TX

Dec 8 2009 - 9:27pm

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After years of researching this subject, I was overjoyed when the courageous Climategate leaker (not a "hacker," by the way) showed the world what so many media-ignored scientists have been demonstrating all along. (See 450 of their peer-reviewed papers here. ) I think that Al Gore's net contribution to history will have been (1) the invention of the Internet and (2) the monster infant discipline that I've come to think of as "Political Climatology."

D.M. Dickson

Chapel Hill, NC

Dec 8 2009 - 4:19pm

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How is that Mr Hayes failed to even mention the fudged results that have come to light by East Anglia University scientists? This is perhaps the most telling and disturbing aspect of this debate. Yes, there is still debate.

He also did not mention the fact that India and China are not going to go along with crippling their growth.

If in fact the earth is warming, and that warming is done by man, the computer models are pure speculation, as seen in the last twelve years.

There is a much better chance that a technological breakthough will happen in a vibrant economy than one hampered by the high taxes any cap-and-trade bill will create.

That is, of course, if one believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of America. Unfortunately, our POTUS is not in that camp.

Harold Banes

East Hampton, NY

Dec 5 2009 - 3:48am

Web Letter

"To keep the planet from melting..." Are you serious?

This whole things has been a hoax from the beginning, foisted on people by '60s leftovers. The jig is up, dudes.

As for you newspeople, try to regain a little dignity during this scandal, would you?

Adele Conner

The Bronx, NY

Dec 4 2009 - 9:09pm

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As an architectural designer and green inventor, since working as a student with R. Buckminster Fuller at SIU, I have applied "design science" principles in an effort to realize an energy-efficient built environment. Therefore, I read Ian Plimer's thoroughly written, well-researched monograph Heaven and Earth, The Science of Global Warming when it appeared in the US.

"Global warming," as presented in the popular press, has no basis in real facts. CO2 is not a "greenhouse gas." Climate change is caused by volcanism, periodic, rhythymic variations in solar system mechanics, variations of solar radiation (sunspots induce variations in terrestrial plasmas that affect the temperature of the stratosphere) and cosmic dust. Within the past 10,000 years (a relatively mild and stable interglacial period), mankind has prospered due to warmer weather. Anthrogenic CO2 has nothing to do with climate change.

Cheap energy has been the basis for our present success. Each consumable food calory requires seventeen (solar) calories to produce and deliver it. Natural gas, available worldwide, can produce cheap electricity to power a global grid. (Run the shadow side of the planet from the day side on a super-conducting global net.) Wind and solar are not storable and the BTUs required to build out a world system isn't feasible.

We are running out of potable water. Desalinization is do-able. Agronomic regeneration is the number-one priority. Electrified rail systems must be built. Cities are in decay. Our priorities are not in order. Our "leadership" is paid for by a fossil fuel oligarchy who are leading us boldly into the mid-nineteenth century.

Kenneth Levine

San Francisco, CA

Dec 4 2009 - 7:09pm

Web Letter

Mr. Hayes, you are adding to the climate fog instead of helping clear the skies. The cooking of data and the stifling of dissent at the University of East Anglia are all the more scandalous to people like me, non-experts on climate change.

I happen to believe global warming is a issue. But I can't put any basis anymore in the opinion of card-carrying experts on this issue, now can I?

It's funny how the burning question of climate change ended up cooking its own science.

Andrei Radulescu-Banu

Lexington, MA

Dec 4 2009 - 5:02pm

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Is Christopher Hayes ignorant to the facts of Climategate and the many scientists who continue to question man-made global warming, or is he living in liberal denial? How can anyone take his article seriously?

Randy Ruddell

Suwanee, GA

Dec 4 2009 - 4:53pm

Web Letter

Chris Hayes, have you asked yourself where your followers are? You write a column that would suggest that some people agree with your point of view. From the looks of it they are running for the hills; they're too smart to play the piano while the AGW titanic sinks.

That chill running up your back? That’s called the truth.

Eric Miller

Port Jefferson, NY

Dec 4 2009 - 2:51pm

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There is an easy way to tell global warming enthusiasts don't really believe what they say, i.e., they do not support nuclear power. That is a solution they have fought all the way and continue to fight. If they really thought the world was going to fry, they would use the technology we already have and help create jobs that are real jobs in the nuclear power industry. Otherwise, they must be seen as people who are willing to let the earth fry because they can't have their way. If we had acted decades ago, we wouldn't be in this mess. We have them to thank for where we are today.

Jim Shiely

St. Paul, MN

Dec 4 2009 - 2:45pm

Web Letter

Wow, that towering scientific intellect Robert Gibbs says there's no doubt about global warming. How can any reasonable person doubt it?

The public is skeptical because, as time goes, by the facts don't match the rhetoric. Al Gore's hockey-stick graph is shown to be based on erroneous data; temperatures have been flat this decade, which none of the models had accounted for; Gore himself has admitted to embellishing the debate to stir public reaction; some scientists were just as sure a new ice age was coming not too long ago; etc., etc.

Putting faith in computer models that claim to have a high level of certainty is arrogance and hubris in the extreme. The planet is so incredibly complex... that fact is being demonstrated now on a daily basis.

neal fuller

Dallas, TX

Dec 4 2009 - 1:45pm