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Oh my God, what a stupid article. Yes, Bush spends more on our military than we have since WWII. I bet a dozen eggs costs more in 2008 than it did in 1942 too. So, are we referring to overall cost in dollars, or percentage of GDP? What's his point? He might well have said "We're spending $100 billion on aircraft today... we spent much less on that in 1776!" Of course, quite a few of your readers would swoon over his insight on that one as well, so sorry to spoil the fun).

Also, we're not spending billions to defeat a 9/11 enemy that (apparently) spent hundreds of dollars on box cutters... by the way, does he even go into hardware stores and price things? The 9-11 hijackers are.... drum roll... already dead. Mr. Scheer should know that; I am surprised that he doesn't. He should also know that we are fighting Al Qaeda and their former Taliban hosts, who are still very much alive, although they have a lot more elbow room than they did seven years ago. By the way, that's going on in Afghanistan, sir, and Afghanistan is over on the other side of the world, not next to Iowa, in case he didn't know.

If Mr. Scheer actually paid for his college education, perhaps he should petition for a refund.

Tim Mace

Lebanon, MO

Dec 5 2008 - 8:59pm

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Robert Gates, of Iran/contra memory, a "vast improvement" over Rumsfeld. Hillary Clinton of one-little-tear-has-to-fall fame will traipse with her high heels where Condoleeza's did not dare to tread.

Yep, real stalwart coadjutors of the agent of change, spare as it may be.

Congratulations, Mr. Scheer. From over the ramparts to the bottomless pit in one quick swoop.

Frank Kostner

Monterey Park, CA

Dec 4 2008 - 12:28am

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Hillary Clinton warned Iran during the primaries that the US (presumably if she led it) would obliterate Iran if it attacked Israel. Curtis LeMay would have been proud of her, although even he allowed prospective targets to return to the Stone Age, not disappear entirely from the face of the earth. How many other politicians have made such an outrageous threat to eliminate 80 or so million people if their government or a suspected element thereof attacks a third country? Is this merely a bit of the harsh rhetoric that Mr. Scheer expects we will no longer hear from her? Now that she's on the verge of becoming secretary of state, we need to explain to any potential Iranian advocates of the Bush Doctrine that it was just rhetoric and that Iran should not immediately attack US interests pre-emptively.

Kenneth Egerton Ward

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Dec 3 2008 - 4:43pm

Web Letter

It is an "upheaval of hope" to many of us, across the country, who--from Ohio to Florida, New York to California, Texas to Indiana--blue collar, white collar, no collar--voted for Barack Obama, "agent of change"; silver-tongued verbal eloquence, promising so very much to so many.

All of us tired, worn thin, angry, broken by the eight years of Bush-Cheney and their complete destruction of so much, to so many, in the USA as well as the world.

What hope, vibrance, joy, energy millions of us spent to bring out the vote, and to vote, for Barack Obama.

And now, as the dust is settling, as the initial vital appointments are made--he at the forefront always (is VP-elect Joe Biden, the finest who could be in that position or president, even noticed?... barely), what we have, starkly recognizable to most of us, is what I, and many other "workers" were beginning to feel in the pit of our stomachs.

Barack Obama will be a "Manager in Chief"--that above all, and while he proudly states, "The buck stops with me," I believe he knows that he does not know much about anything--beyond "organizing," "managing" and perhaps 10 percent of issues relating to: finance, defense & security, commerce, international affairs, housing & urban development, the environment etc., etc. Indeed, in choosing for the cabinet and inner circle of the White House the likes of "secure" individuals--like Hillary Clinton rather than Bill Richardson for secretary of state; Larry Summers etc.; and then his "trusted" Chicago Circle, Ms. Jarrett, David Axelrod etc.--Mr. Obama proves what we all felt in our hearts, but did not want to believe: that he really is not presidential material--that he will choose for his "brain trust" the "safest" individuals to provide all the knowledge he does not have, on so very much (one only had to listen to his stump speeches--all the same, but for a few variations--which offered few details).

But the silver speech combined with Bush hatred & impossibility of voting for the Republican ticket, gave us our first "black" president--who, like Robert Kennedy (for whom I worked ) gave great "hope," but, unlike RFK, lacks the experience to bring that hope to reality.

So now we all must hold him accountable--and I will guarantee that there was a "behind the scenes" agreement with the Clintons for their support while offering Hillary the position most coveted.

See whom he appoints for the remaining cabinet positions--again, look what was done to Bill Richardson--former secretary of energy and ambassador to the UN, and who brought in the Hispanic vote--but we know the unfortunate relations between blacks and Hispanics--it seems our president-elect is in the "mix" that does not see anything other than a black-white nation.

Barack Obama is brilliant, but not all who are brilliant are true to their stated commitments--or to the people who entrust them with their "hope."

Mary J. Sorce

New York, NY

Dec 3 2008 - 3:34pm

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