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Brown is the best bet

I saw the debate last night on KABC. He did very well in the debate and stated his positions clearly. I have voted for him in every elections at the state level. I must have voted for his father Pat Brown in 1966, since I was out of the service at that time, and I wouldn't vote for Reagan. Both Browns are profiled on Wikipedia.

While I have benefited from Prop 13, I also voted against it and would vote to repeal it if I had a chance. Prop 13 marked the beginning of the feast or famine era in local government in California which continues today. By that time I was a librarian, and it hindered, among other things, delivering library service to LA County.

Brown is probably the most experienced candidate for governor in the history of California, and I think he will, at least, mitigate the effects of this "depression" in California. He can't print money or impose tariffs to really stimulate the economy, but he will do his best for ordinary people.

I am the same age as Brown, but I have five months more "maturity"!

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Sep 29 2010 - 3:39pm

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