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When you make money by handling other people's money you'd best make sure their money does not disappear. The greedheads in New York and elsewhere forgot that you can't make your product disappear if you have only one product.

New York will find something else to do. The rest of the country is slowlty following suit by eliminating any manual arts classes from schools. America will become a country that uses foreign labor for menial tasks as well as for the high end technical tasks.

Does anyone remember Rome? How about the caliphate? They brought in foreign labor, and something happened to both.

Kal Palnicki

Columbus , OH

Oct 24 2008 - 1:49pm

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NYC lost the first time Bloomberg was elected. The intellectual dishonesty of many NY progressives who have supported "Mike" is endemic of a polity that has been bought and paid for. Look around, New Yorkers, the economic model Bloomberg represents (and has championed his whole life) has turned out to be a global nightmare. And he essentially continued the heavy-handed surveillance and punishment of protest that Giuliani made famous (have New Yorkers forgotten the GOP convention? the protests against the Iraq war?). All the while subjecting the city to a brutal, ill-considered and often fatally unsupervised building spree.

And now he would be rewarded for this?

A vote against Bloomberg will be an important vote for democracy. Bloomberg's gotta go.

Chris Trakas

New York, NY

Oct 24 2008 - 12:36pm

Web Letter


Kiss the remnants of democracy in NYC goodbye.

So how supportive now will Pres. Obama & the Clintons be of the Dem nominee for NYC mayor in '09?

Or will Bloomberg's billions also buy their essential silence?

R.H. Weber

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Oct 23 2008 - 11:11pm