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Legitimizing a strike

I have a question for Mr. Lerner. I have just recently graduated from college, and I now face $50,000 of debt. With my realistic budget plan (and options from the government) I will have paid $100,000 by the time I am done with this loan. I want to fight against unfair interest rates, but I fear the repercussions. If I, along with fifty other people, were to stop paying on such high rates, I fear I will just default the loan and have to face the punishment without ever being recognized by the government as an official picketer. Therefore, my question is, How do we organize and bring our movement to the government's attention without just being penalized and viewed as delinquents? I want to make a stand; I just need to know how to have it recognized for what it is: a legitimate strike.

Jan Kruszewski

Lake Orion, MI

Jun 12 2011 - 2:06pm

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