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And of course, once again, the latest media spin is that those "liberals" and environmental "kooks" are causing the rise in prices because of their subborn refusal to allow drilling anywhere and everywhere. Frankly, it is time the American public took responsibility. We know what to expect from Bush-Cheney and the oilmen--they are sociopaths who will do anything for an obscene profit. But when will the public grow up and face reality? Not everyone can--or for that matter should be allowed to--own an SUV.

John Giarratana

Jersey City, NJ

Jun 23 2008 - 8:46am

Web Letter

The current Business Week had an article saying now Pickens wants to do with water what he done with oil. Yes! Water is the new oil.

Thomas O'Brien

Casper, WY

Jun 22 2008 - 11:56am

Web Letter

The three web letters already appearing here have more insight and wisdom in their short comments than the entire article they're responding to.

The assumption that Bush Administration energy policy is the result of good-faith governance gone wrong, instead of the bad-faith racket it clearly has been from inception, is naïvete at best and propaganda at worst.

All one has to do is add up the obscene profits of the major energy companies since they attended Cheney's White House "Appalachian" summit in 2001 to draw the obvious conclusion about the central purpose of this Administration: raping the public treasure of this nation and putting it into the private off-shore accounts of their cronies around the world. This is the "mission accomplished."

"More bus routes" will save energy? Hahahaha!

How about grinding up all SUVs, like GM did to its own EV-1 electric car, stop making, selling or registering any vehicle that doesn't get at least 30 mpg, mandate increased CAFE standards ASAP, invest billions in light-rail around the country, and in 100 other already developed alternative energy concepts and programs.

Or just keep fighting and dying and bleeding ourselves dry.

Stewart Braunstein

Deerfield Beach, FL

Jun 22 2008 - 7:49am

Web Letter

Once again another informed expert determined to pound sand up our collective arses about the cause of the oil price spike. It was not an accidental outcome of converging factors. It was a deliberately planned rape of the American public. Concluding that some thug might hold up a convenience store for fifty bucks is realistic, but concluding that a President, and the people backing him, might plan a heist worth tens of billions of dollars from the American consumer is a grandiose conspiracy theory.

Yeah, right. We subscribe to The Nation to hear thought outside the propaganda duped parameters we encounter elsewhere, so it is disheartening to read this business-as-usual nonsense. Shame on you.

James Davies

Belle Fourche , SD

Jun 21 2008 - 3:55pm

Web Letter

The massive lie is the "supply and demand" argument. The real answer is Wall Street gluttony in the guise of the mercantile. There is no competition in oil as a commodity, therefore investors can manipulate the supply side of the equation at will. T. Boone Pickens can claim an 800 percent profit. No, not 80 percent, 800 percent profit, by his own words. But enough about outrage. Here are some short-term solutions: ground all corporate jets. Commercial flights shall be at least 80 percent full on average. Limit naval use; if a carrier fleet is in the Middle East, it should remain there until they are in need of overhaul; crew rotation by shuttle. Limit all military flights to essential defense and training. Oil shall go from the well to the refinery. Nationalize oil for domestic transportation, (i.e., trucking and rail). Get the "greens" out of energy policy. If global warming isn't a corporate hoax, we are not going to solve it by freezing and starving people to death. Granted, cockroaches don't need oil.

Longer term solutions: tidal hydro, electric highways, high speed commuter rail, (commuter trains down the center of interstates). How about giving the problem to scientists, and getting politicians out of it? Do you know that gravity is free? And please stop burning perfectly good Jim Beam. It costs more to produce a gallon of ethanol than it is worth and the cost is in petrol dollars--we burn two gallons of oil to get one gallon of burnable booze. How did this country get so stupid? Is it like the Brits did in the old days--"inbreeding"?

James Pinette

Caribou, ME

Jun 21 2008 - 2:49pm

Web Letter

The best reason for opening the Atlantic, Pacific and Florida OCS to oil and gas exploration: there is no fundamentally good reason not to do so.

The "pro-drilling" arguments that revolve around relief from the pain at the pump are politically inspired nonsense--if the moratoria were lifted yesterday, the earliest first oil from successful efforts would ship some time between 2015 and 2020, with negligible impact on the prevailing world oil prices. By 2025-2030, when aggregate production from those waters might be expected to rise to a million or more bbl/day, the best that could be hoped for is an offset to the natural decline of all other US oil production.

To the extent that arguments against drilling are centered around environmental concerns (and, by and large, they are), then the remarkable record of UK, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch oil and gas production in the most hostile marine environment short of the Roaring Forties and Beaufort Sea screams "Drill!"

We cannot drill ourselves out of our current circumstances, although we probably can drill ourselves out of being any worse off than we currently are. That is worth doing.

Michael P. Williams

The Woodlands, TX

Jun 19 2008 - 7:35pm

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