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This was an interesting speach, and I'm sure it was powerful to hear in person. It is illustrative of the inner Bill Moyers. It makes very clear where his beliefs are founded. I do not disagree with many or most of the moral and social points that are made. But the pursuit of such goals should be limited to pursuasion and debate. Morality should not be dictated by law.

I am enclosing some of my thoughts as I read the speach.

"...on orders from Wall Street." Who is Wall Street? Wall Street is us; it's you and me and everyone. Stock ownership is widespread and common and every person who owns a stock expects it to perform. So this would be more fairly put, "On our orders."

"...searching for dignity and fairness against long odds in a cruel market world." This says a lot about where Bill is coming from. The "market world" isn't cruel any more than the natural world is cruel. Both are impartial. Wouldn't it sound silly to personify a volcano or earthquake by calling them cruel, as though they are conscious? This is a very big topic, and one that defines the core of a liberal's belief system. It ultimately rests on the complete mistrust, misunderstanding and contempt of "the market."

"...so that democracy no longer has the ability to hold capitalism accountable for the good of the whole." Is this what democracy is intended to do? Is this what capitalism is intended to do? Neither of these terms use each other in their definitions. The share the term "free."

Jon Caldwell

Raleigh, NC

Feb 19 2007 - 1:55pm