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What is missing in this forum? Any discussion of what is good for the people of Afghanistan.

It is simply false that there is no way to help the people of Afghanistan. From the 1950s until 1979 the Soviets built schools, roads, hospitals and a secular society with rights for women. Not as occupiers, but as supporters of a progressive Afghan government.

It was US support for the jihadi extremists in 1979 that ended this progress and destroyed Afghanistan.

The debate is not about whether we should send more troops or get out. Or about the most effective strategy to defeat the enemy of the day.

The debate should be about how to help the people of Afghanistan most effectively to rebuild their country. To get back to creating jobs building schools, hospitals, transportation... and a government respecting human rights for all.

We should do this not because it is also what is best for us. It is. We should do it because it is the right thing to do.

Robert Bernstein

Goleta, CA

Nov 2 2009 - 3:55pm