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Five Vie for Puzzler's Mantle

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Cosima K. Coinpott
 1 Actor Eric and Newton are well-known in tropical country. (6,8)
 9 Deranged, lewd dad wasted time. (7)
10 Reactionary company: leading American organization with far-reaching influence. (7)
11 South African province with no citrus? (6,4,5)
12 The nearly optimal Egyptian location. (6)
13 Spotty cloth by arrangement. (7)
17 Sing off key and do wrong registers. (5,2)
19 Facilitate baleen conversion. (6)
21 Head north to chatter shrilly—begged to catch glimpse of a legendary old sow-and-sow? (6,9)
24 Exclude upper-class sign in groove. (4,3)
25 You do it to software in a stable. (7)
26 What shows up repeatedly in this puzzle: frequently, that guy with long, low, backwards underwear. (5,2,3,4)
  1 Rising, society girl updates her blog with places to keep her chewing gum overnight. (8)
 2 London prison yields the latest scandal? (7)
 3 Anaïs clothes Simon in a pale color. (4,5)
 4 Freed from ignition starter in broken-down Ford. (3,2)
 5 Layer covering rodeo cowboy in a suitable way. (8)
 6 Gabby testimony conceals pieces of memory. (5)
 7 Accuse one British politician apiece. (7)
 8 Reportedly, walkway is key. (4)
14 Famous waltz sounds all racket-and-ballish? (9)
15 Herb mixed iron with talc. (8)
16 Swinger’s unsightly nude lump. (8)
18 Popular, healthy Republican? Bill Clinton claimed he was not one. (7)
20 Hybrid beast’s stinger raised Norwegian king. (7)
21 Sixties dance from Jamaica? (4)
22 Getting up, I cry out for a woman. (5)
23 Run off and run quickly, losing a second. (5)
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