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Five Vie for Puzzler's Mantle

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Barney Prey
 1 Crosses liqueur with fifth of bourbon found in stockpile. (5,2,3,4)
 9 Trying to lose weight? Eat in, do exercises. (2,1,4)
10 Sort of vibration affected elm root. (7)
11 Expressions of gratitude for us carrying something to cry on. (5-4)
12 Brought back tired old fitness routine. (3,2)
13 Quaint roses covering up openings. (6)
14 Criticize perfect limousine feature. (3,5)
17 Really enjoyed oneself with one fleeting touch in corridor. (3,1,4)
19 Saying team’s starter is in the grip of liquor. (6)
22 Once again offend sap? (5)
24 The commercials involving coffee server get people’s attention. (4,5)
25 Leave a music group giving a performance. (7)
26 Land camera I misplaced. (7)
27 Previously communicated with a factory’s leaders and ordered it done. (14)
 1 Motorboat’s Southern harbor, if backtracking Northern general. (14)
 2 Unyielding worker follows opening of Aswan Dam. (7)
 3 British assemblage comes together, withdrawing chemical weapon. (5,4)
 4 Not one working concept. (6)
 5 Clumsy giant has run into trouble. (3,1,4)
 6 Sandwich muffling each feeble complaint. (5)
 7 Approaching wild ocelots. (5,2)
 8 According to reports, nut rounded up famous murder suspect. (7,7)
15 Browns full of energy before one game. (9)
16 Elevated mass unit a record for element. (8)
18 Female included in nudist affair. (7)
20 Tack a note up from Florence, perhaps. (7)
21 Delegate or prosecutor elected. (6)
23 Low bridges in a directory. (5)
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