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Five Vie for Puzzler's Mantle

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From the campaign to conserve hunting lands in the 19th century to the movement for climate justice in the 21st, The Nation has been a leading proponent of the idea that our success as a society can be judged in part by how we relate to the Earth we’ve inherited.

Nestor Nightspree
 1 Diplomatic fault overwhelms Croat outsiders. (7)
 5 Surrounded by hundreds, I follow young female model. (7)
 9 What certain numbers are silently in math can be shouted about a rank beginner. (7)
10 Tore back cover of indifferent corporate artwork, exposing prurient material. (7)
11 Planetarium hosts Basque separatists. (3)
13 Long noun? (6)
15 Does this mean one might smell Mr. Aspin, or try to? (It’s difficult, with a cold.) (8)
19 Alien killer eliminates fifty. (8)
22 Endive, covered with lines. (6)
23 Carry away broken slide top, finally. (6)
24 Illuminated one entrance for contest. (8)
27 Clear and reorganize datebook. (8)
31 For a scoop, see the medic at the border. (6)
33 This change portends big things. (3)
35 To bully and beat someone’ll make your hair stand up! (7)
36 A tiger with cool head hides in smoke. (7)
37 An attack has been arranged, or so I hear. (7)
38 Disrupt tour and seek out capitol dome. (7)
 1 Takes down stories about Cork’s surroundings. (7)
 2 In Reno, rocker returned as local official. (7)
 3 Barely discernible collapse. (5)
 4 To mother, this was a real find. (4)
 5 Could one make such a getaway with a broken lance? (5)
 6 A jester returns, but remains apart. (5)
 7 Quiet, yet brewing. (5)
 8 Riding gear for English gentlemen. (5)
12 Ruler takes part in agent’s arrest. (4)
14 Argued about gag held askew. (7)
16 30 to a formal occasion? (7)
17 I left office work for a good time. (5)
18 It’s what’s happening! (5)
20 Terrain where a big cat might be heard. (5)
21 No more cream, please—there’s plenty in here. (5)
24 Instrument one might rely on. (4)
25 Found with Bismarck’s blood on the hearth. (7)
26 Perhaps she looks good in black? (7)
27 James or Chanel, with a hot beverage. (5)
28 Drop the cow. (5)
29 Creating a racket in soy exchange. (5)
30 Requested that a desk be moved. (5)
32 Correct girth. (5)
34 Care about the maple tree. (4)
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