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Books and the Arts

Is the promotion of violence inherent to any religion?

Orhan Pamuk might be Turkey’s most-talked-about author, but Yaşar Kemal remains its most loved.

Is the well-being of the cultural middle class the key to American creativity?


News and Analysis

There’s a world of urgent discourse beyond Dyson, West, and Gates.

The powerful US Attorney insists he’s not interested—but even if he changes his mind, recent legal setbacks may foil his chances.

Homeless person in New York City

We need more than just a safety net. We need a blueprint to create good jobs for all.

From signature strikes in Pakistan to police violence in Baltimore, the state is seemingly uninterested in even counting how many people it kills.

A Nation investigation looks at the shuttering of needed trauma centers, beginning with those on Chicago’s violent South Side.

Fairytales about the health of our democracy disguise the corrupting influence of top donors.

Palestinian flags

In this increasingly confined land, art is a vital escape—if you can get the instruments past the checkpoint.

It doesn’t stop with Ferguson—common underlying problems create conflict and tension across the country.




Is California’s Drought Part of a Global Water Crisis? Read more››

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